Armored Fiber Assemblies

Interlocking armored cables are standard fiber cables inside a spirally wrapped aluminum tape. Litra offers high-quality, custom fiber optic assemblies that are ruggedized, provide enhanced crush resistance and are available in the following rated constructions for inside plant or indoor/outdoor applications:

  • Riser
  • Plenum
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Point-to-point testing is done before any product leaves our facility to ensure the highest quality. In addition to our custom products, we also provide design, engineering, tooling, production and packaging services.


Features and Benefits:

  • Superior crush resistance
  • Saves time and money by eliminating inner duct or conduit
  • OFCR and OFCP ratings allow AIA products to be installed throughout the facility
  • Available in OS2, OM1-OM4 and different fiber counts
  • Long lengths provided on reels with a pulling eye for easy deployment
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