Telco Assemblies

Durably made for years of reliability, Litra’s telco assemblies feature industry standard RJ21 AMP style connectors.

High speed semi-automatic tooling gives Litra the ability to produce at higher volumes than most competitors. That’s a big competitive advantage. 

Available in standard or custom lengths with either a riser or plenum jacket, we can customize assemblies with your labels and breakouts, and pin-outs.

As with all products, we test and inspect all assemblies prior to shipping, ensuring you a high-quality product that provides exceptional and reliable performance.

Speak with one of Litra’s product experts at 800-445-4617 to see how flexible and responsive we are.



  • 24awg PVC or plenum jacket, Category 3 compliant
  • Any length available; standard gray jacket
  • 50 and 64 pos AMP Champ connectors
  • 90 or 180 degree hood styles
  • Screw-lock connector standard with optional clip or bail-lock
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  • 25, 32, 50 and 100 pair assemblies
  • Single-end or both ends terminated
  • Alarm cable assemblies
  • Shielded and tinned cable styles
  • Hydra or octopus cable assemblies; 8-12 leg
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